When are nominations opened?

  • The nomination of the Award shall be open at the beginning of each new session. The General Secretariat of the Prize, in coordination with the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, shall announce the date of receipt of nominations and the extension of their deposit periods. For further information, please contact the Secretariat of the Award through one of the following e-mail: info@ksaaem.org / superchair@ksaaem.org
  • For the current session, nominations will be received between 1 April 2018 and the end of February 2019.

Who is eligible for nomination?

Participation shall be open to all stakeholders involved in environmental management and sustainable development (individuals, groups, institutions, organizations, companies, associations etc, be they public, private or non-governmental) from the Islamic countries.

How to apply for nomination?

  • Fill in the nomination form, for the category concerned, available on the electronic platform.
  • Submit the nominees’ CV.
  • Submit a written affidavit stating that the work has never won any other prizes.
  • In case of collective work, the submission must include a written consent of all participants, and specify the recipient’s name to which the Award check should be issued.
  • Submit a comprehensive report describing the submitted project, its innovative aspects, its scientific results and its impact on the environment and sustainable development at the local or global levels and possibilities of its implementation in the member states.
  • The projects may be provided in Arabic, French or English.

I find difficulties in submitting my nomination through the electronic platform, will you assist me?

The steps for submitting nominations are clearly explained through a specific link. If you do not succeed to accede to the electronic platform, you may contact the General Secretariat of the Award through one of the following e-mail: info@ksaaem.org / superchair@ksaaem.org .

Can a nominee in the field of studies and researches submit more than one research or study?

Yes, the researcher can submit more than one research in the same category

Can a nominee who applied for the previous years’ Award and was not a success re-apply this year?

A nominee who was not a success may apply for the Award in the next session.

Can a winner of last years’ Award re-apply this year?

Winners of one of the award’s categories may not apply again in the following session, but they can apply again in the subsequent session with different projects.

Is participation in more than category possible? What is the maximum participation?

Participation from the same nominee in more than one category is not possible.

Is it possible to submit nominations through the e-mail instead of the electronic platform?

An electronic platform is dedicated to the Award for receiving the nominations for all categories of the Award, in such a way as may enable electronic filling in, without recourse to e-mail or regular mail.

Is it possible to participate with the same content under more than one category?

It is not possible to participate with the same content under more than one category.

Can the application be submitted in hard copy?

All nominations should be submitted through the electronic platform Award’s website. Hard copies of works are not accepted.

How can I make sure that the Award’s Secretariat has received my file?

After applying through the electronic platform, an e-mail is sent to the Award’s candidate indicating that the file is received and listed in the competition.

When will the nominee be notified that he/she is among winners of the Award?

The nominee is notified after the announcement of the results by the Jury, before the month of October 2019.

Should the data and other required details of the application be filled in electronically or by hand?

Applications to the Award should be be filled in electronically by the participant and handwriting is not acceptable.

Can the works submitted to the Award be retrieved?

No participation files are to be returned to the applicants. All the submitted works become the property of the Award and are placed in the archives of the General Secretariat.

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