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Criteria for the best practice in environment and sustainable development projects or activities in the public sector in the Member States

  • The  importance  of  the  subject  or achievement regarding the environment and  sustainable  development.
  • The scientific findings and the possibility to build on them in the field of the environment and sustainable development in the Member States or beyond.

Criteria for the best leading practices or activities in the environment and sustainable development in non-governmental organizations that can be replicated in the Member States

  • It should have a clear impact on the environment and sustainable development in their various fields both in terms of protection of natural resources from depletion and pollution and in terms of bringing about the desired impact on the health, economic, social and cultural environment.
  • It should nurture the sense of entrepreneurship and volunteering in citizens.
  • It should have an impact on the local administration  and  decision-making and  help  foster  environmental  and developmental partnership in the local community.

Criteria for Women’s leading activities in environmental action

  • It should be related to women’s work and activities in protecting the environment and managing the environmental sector in its various forms, whether in scientific research, civil society in environmental education and fieldwork for NGOs, or in private or government sector institutions.
  • It should show women’s performance in environmental action as successful best practice to disseminate in institutions, associations and personal experiences.
  • This branch allocates to women three awards in the basic areas of environmental management:
    • Award for Women in Research, Achievements and Successful Practices;
    • The Women’s Award in Public Benefit Associations and NGOs;
    • Women’s Leadership Award in private or government sector institutions;

Criteria for the Islamic Green City Excellence Award

The selection of the candidate city for the Islamic Green City Excellence Award is assessed on the basis of specific criteria covering the following major areas:

  • Clean, Sustainable and Smart Transport;
  • Green and Smart Buildings;
  • Sustainable Energy Use and Conservation;
  • Water and Wastewater Management and Recycling;
  • Waste Management and Recycling;
  • Sustainable Land Management and Urban Forestry;
  • Ambient Air Quality and Acoustic Environment;
  • Nature and Biodiversity Preservation;
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation.