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Participation shall be open to all stakeholders involved in environmental management and sustainable development (individuals, groups, institutions, organizations, companies, associations etc, be they public, private or non-governmental) from the Islamic countries. Provided that they

  • Fill in the nomination form, for the category concerned, available on the electronic platform.
  • Submit the nominees’ CV.
  • Submit a written affidavit stating that the work has never won any other prizes.
  • In case of collective work, the submission must include a written consent of all participants, and specify the recipient’s name to which the Award check should be issued.
  • Submit a comprehensive report describing the submitted project, its innovative aspects, its scientific results and its impact on the environment and sustainable development at the local or global levels and possibilities of its implementation in the member states.
  • The projects may be provided in Arabic, French or English.

Nominations shall be received during the period from 1st August 2021 to Mars 2022, as per the following conditions

  • The research submitted should be published and refereed and must have been published no more than five years prior to the announcement of the Award.
  • Only one submission is allowed per applicant.
  • Members of the jury may not nominate themselves or their relatives during the exercise of their mandate.
  • Recipients may not present their submission to the Award’s following session. However, they may present different submissions in subsequent years.
  • To be eligible for the Award, nominees must possess legal capacity before the announcement of the results.
  • The theme of the submitted project must not be against Islamic values and principles.

Selection of the winners

  • Winners shall be selected pursuant to the jury’s recommendations.
  • The Award may be granted to more than one individual or institution.
  • In the case of the death of an individual winner, the Award may be presented to his/her legal heirs.

Nominations specifications

  • Nominations should be completed using the electronic platform arranged for this purpose.
  • Nominators should ensure accuracy and objectivity of the information provided on their working methods and achievements in the nomination form and avoid overstating the achievements.
  • It is recommended to take great care in completing the nomination forms of the award categories.
  • The information contained in the nomination forms and their supporting documents will be processed in strict confidentiality.
  • The General Secretariat of the Award has all rights to investigate the legitimacy of all the information related to the project and the candidate.

For further information please contact the Submission Reception Division at the Award’s General Secretariat at the following email addresses: