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The Award is destined to encourage and stimulate interest in joint environmental action in the Islamic world and openness to global experiences in the protection of the environment from an Islamic perspective, while working towards preserving its resources and addressing sustainable development issues in general, through recognizing the merits of the efforts of individuals and institutions concerned with the management of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations alike.

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Islamic Green City Excellence Award

This Award is tribute to the best Environmentally-Friendly Islamic City, as called for by the “Guidance Document on Green Cities and their Role in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals”, endorsed by the 7th Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers, and also in furtherance to ICESCO Programme “Celebration of Islamic Capitals for the Environment and Sustainable Development”.
For more information, please consult the document “Islamic Green City Excellence Award”

Pilot practice in NGOs

Best leading practices or activities in the environment and sustainable development in non-governmental organizations that can be replicated in the Member States.

  • It should have a clear impact on the environment and sustainable development in their various fields both in terms of protection of natural resources from depletion and pollution and in terms of bringing about the desired impact on the health, economic, social and cultural environment.

  • It should nurture the sense of entrepreneurship and volunteering in citizens.

  • It should have an impact on the local administration and  decision-making and  help  foster  environmental  and developmental partnership in the local community.

Women’s leading activities in environmental action

This branch relates to women’s work and activities in protecting the environment and managing the environmental sector in its various forms, whether in scientific research, civil society in environmental education and fieldwork for NGOs, or in private or government sector institutions. This branch aims to encourage women’s performance in environmental action and disseminate successful practices in institutions, associations and personal experiences, especially in rural and agricultural communities.

This branch allocates to women three awards in the basic areas of environmental management:

  • Award for Women in Research, Achievements and Successful Practices;
  • The Women’s Award in Public Benefit Associations and NGOs;
  • Women’s Leadership Award in private or government sector institutions;

Best research

Best individual or collective research, achievement or practice in the environment and sustainable development, particularly those addressing specific environmental issues of concern to or may potentially benefit the Muslim world.

  • The  importance  of  the  subject  or achievement regarding the environment and  sustainable  development.

  • The scientific findings and the possibility to build on them in the field of the environment and sustainable development in the Member States or beyond.


  • ICESCO and Saudi Arabia Explore KSAAEM Mechanisms
  • Islamic World’s Largest Environmental Award
  • The Fifth Meeting of the Islamic Executive Bureau for the Environment concludes its proceedings at the Senior environment experts level
  • ISESCO to host 5th Meeting of Islamic Executive Bureau for the Environment and Preparatory Meeting of Senior Environment Experts

Conferences of Ministers of Environment

Higher Committee of the Award

A new list of Honorary Members will be designated for this 3rd session 2021-2022.

(Edition 2022)

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