The “Award of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Environmental Management” has been one of the major and prestigious awards dedicated to the environment in the Arab world since the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques gave his approval to establish this award with this appellation and put it under the supervision of Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Meteorology and Environment (PME). The Award was announced at the first annual conference for environmental management which was organized in Rabat in October 2000 by the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) which is the organ in charge of the technical committee of the Award.
The goal of this award was to consolidate the broad concept of environmental management in the Arab world, stimulate Arab countries’ interest in the concept of sustainable development, and publicize Arab and international outstanding efforts and successful practices in the field of environmental management while replicating them in Arab countries for wider benefit. The Award was considered as one of the useful levers for promoting environmental awareness and action, and a strong incentive for institutions and individuals to shape the environmental future of the Arab region and, by extension, the environmental future of humanity as a whole.
Since its establishment, the Award, given every two years, has held six editions the last of which was the 2012-2014 biennium. The accumulated experience over the previous editions which were organized in cooperation with the ARADO and under the supervision of the PME has led organizers to consider the development of the award scope in such a way as to include the Muslim world. Against this backdrop, this point was placed upon the agenda of ISESCO/PME coordination meeting which was held in Jeddah on 24 February 2015 to prepare for the sixth session of the Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers. ISESCO was then commissioned to take on the Award’s secretariat functions and develop a full project detailing the organizational and technical arrangements for developing this Award and expanding its scope to include the Islamic world.

Proposals for the development of the Award and its organizational procedures

Award Name: The Award of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Environmental Management


The Award is destined to encourage and stimulate interest in joint environmental action in the Islamic world and openness to global experiences in the protection of the environment while working towards preserving its resources and addressing sustainable development issues in general, through  recognizing the merits of the efforts of individuals and institutions concerned with the management of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations alike.

The Award is dedicated to outstanding works carried out by individuals and public and private institutions and organizations operating in the various fields of the environment and sustainable development, in recognition of their substantial contributions to reconciling the environment and socio-economic development through a holistic and integrated approach that advances the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, in line with the Islamic principles calling for the sustainability of the world’s resources to fulfill Man’s needs, prosperity and lieutenancy on earth.

The Award also aims to consolidate and adopt the broad concept of the environment and sustainable development in the Islamic world which calls for making good use of natural resources and protecting them from depletion and pollution, through instituting and disseminating the principles and methods of sound environmental governance in public, private and non-governmental development sector institutions and organizations in the Muslim  world.

Other  objectives  include stepping up the efforts to achieve human and environmental security, improving the quality of life of Muslim peoples and other peoples of the world, preserving the right of all generations to clean environment, mobilizing the efforts of the Ummah and institutions to come up with scientific and practical innovative solutions to current and future environmental problems, and fostering scientific and legal interaction at the global, regional and national levels in addressing environment and sustainable development issues and adapting them to the reality of the Muslim world.


The Award is given every two years and the date shall be determined when opening of nominations is announced. The deadline for reception of submissions shall also be announced. The Award shall be presented at the opening session of the Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers, which is organized by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), in cooperation with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Award Higher Committee may choose any other date.

The Award of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Environmental Management in the Islamic  World shall cover four categories:

  • Best individual or collective research, achievement or practice in the environment and sustainable development, particularly those addressing specific environmental issues of concern to or may potentially benefit the Muslim world.
  • Best practice in environment and sustainable development projects or activities in the public sector in the Member States.
  • Best practice in environment and sustainable development projects or activities in the private sector in the Member States.
  • Best leading practices or activities in the environment and sustainable development in non-governmental organizations that can be replicated in the Member States.

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