High participation in nomination for the KSAAEM in its 2nd edition 2018-2019

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The Award of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Environmental Management in the Islamic World (KSAAEM), whose general secretariat is supervised by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), scores increased nomonation submissions through its website: http://www.ksaaem.org .

The deadline for submission of nominations is fixed at the end of February 2019. Then the nominations will be screened to make sure they meet the specifications and terms for applying to the Award, and later nominate the eligible works for final competition.

Subsequently the jury, which is made up of competent and renowned experts in the fields of environment and sustainable development, starts its deliberations. The announcement of the winners is due before October 2019 at the 8th Session of the Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers which will be held at ISESCO headquarters in Rabat.

The applications were submitted following the media campaign relating to the Award launched at the beginning of April 2018 through posting announcement at the competent institutions in Member States and on social media.

The Award is divided into five categories: Best individual or collective research, achievement or practice in the environment and sustainable development,  best practice in environment and sustainable development projects or activities in the public sector,  best practice in environment and sustainable development projects or activities in the private sector,  best leading practices or activities in the environment and sustainable development in non-governmental organizations,  and Islamic Green City Excellence.

Eligibility criteria and nomination instructions for the 2nd edition of the Award are available on its electronic website. The Award’s news may also be followed on Twitter and Facebook.


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