In a bid to encourage the development of cities in the Islamic world: Creation of Award of Best Environmentally-Friendly Islamic City with nominations open up to end February 2019

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The General Secretariat of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Award for Environmental Management in the Islamic World (KSAAEM) supervised by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the creation of a an award for best environmentally-friendly Islamic city. The award is an addition to the five existing categories of KSAAEM, namely “Best research, achievements or practices in the field of the Environment and Sustainable Development in the Islamic World”; “Best practice in environment and sustainable development projects or activities in the public sector”; “Best practice in environment and sustainable development projects or activities in the private sector”; and “Best leading practices or activities in the environment and sustainable development in non-governmental organizations that can be replicated in the Member States”.

The Award aims to enhance the development of cities in Member States to become green and sustainable and isgranted to Muslim cities which have made outstanding efforts likely to fulfill the commitments to achieve environmental and socioeconomic sustainability, meet the requirements of green growth, and work towards providing quality of life, healthy environment for the population and public engagement, and enabling local economic development mechanisms in the context of achieving SDGs 2030.

Nomination is open for all cities of OIC Member States. Cities may also be nominated as part of “ISESCO Programme for Islamic Capitals of Environment and Sustainable Development”, under which three capitals of Member States from respective the Arab, African and Asian regions will be selected to be celebrated as Capitals of the Environment and Sustainable Development. Moreover, they will be given priority in the selection of these capitals even if they have not won the Islamic Green City Excellence Award.

The award is open for OIC Member States, especially the government sector responsible for city policy, urban management and municipal affairs as well as city mayors, which are called to coordinatewith the authorities of the environment, energy, water, urban transport sectors and any component dealing with the environment. The aim being to jointly consider and reach consensus in the selection of the citywhich deserves to represent the country in this competition among the cities of OIC Member States.

It is worth noting that the nomination for the Award was launched on 1 April 2018 and will close on end February 2019 to allow for the arbitration and announcement of the three winning cities for 2019 at the 8th Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers.

Anyone wishing to apply for the award is invited to consult the award’s website

For further information, please contact the Submission Reception Division at the Award’s

General Secretariat at ISESCO via the following email addresses:


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